Chic strips in the city

Chic strips in the city

It’s so agreeable recently in Paris. Fantastic not-too-hot-sunny days. And most of parisians are aways on vacation. Paris is vide now, more charming than ever. I always promenade in town, so I’m telling you, now is the best time to see Paris – the city of light.

Of course, chic is the key word to promenade in this gorgeous city. So a striped jumpsuit and a pair of pointed flats are the best choice 😉




This transparent acrylic Fly away clutch from The house of Folklore is a gift from Hong Kong (one of my favorite city though I’ve never been… I will :)) It’s artistic, oriental but in a fresh and sweet way. So special and could be extremely modern with any kind of urban outfits.

The design was inspired by vintage Blue and White chinese porcelain and hence some of the lines are blurred. It was designed by Mayura Yadav, a digital artist in Hong Kong and she did the illustrations with the Blue and White theme. The story behind the Fly away clutch is that of the ‘blue birds breaking free, daring to dream big soaring high for the sky, creating a feeling of renewed energy’.

Just like me, a bird going to fly away again. Risk and adventure is the beauty of travaling.





What I was wearing: white T-shirt, striped jumpsuit and earing from Zara. flats from Mango, handcraft clutch from The House of Folklore.


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