Eyes need to be protected – my computer glasses

Eyes need to be protected – my computer glasses

My life is always in front of all kinds of screens… for work, for entertainment, for communication… at home, at a café, on the train, in a queue… Yep, like everyone, am a technology victim… I don’t wear glasses actually, but a pair of computer glasses is indispensible in the digital generation.



My eyes were very dry and painful after working all day long, so I needed a pair of computer glasses for a long time. But I didn’t have time to seriously look for it because I didn’t think it was a 2 seconds mission. Fortunately, L’usine à lunettes contacted me (god must’ve heard my voice) and let me discover their glasses world where included sunglasses, normal glasses and computer glasses. I was so happy to have a chance to finally try on a pair of anti artificial blue light glasses.



It’s been 1 month since I’ve used E-ferguson écaille, and I’ve felt the difference. My eyes are much less tired than before. The light is dazzling when I don’t use them.

The prices on L’usine à lunettes are much less expensive than in the eyeglasses stores (if you have any idea how much a pair of glasses can costs in France…). Actually, there is no intermedia between the factory and the customer, which ensures its fair pricing.


Check it out if you need a protector too!

Website: http://www.lusinealunettes.com/


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