Before summer ends

Before summer ends

Dinard, a fresh coastal city in Brittany, where has a bit darker blue than in Nice (only my theory ;p). Dinard is more delicate like The Little Mermaid comparing to southern France which is much stronger and richer. People here are less talktive and enthusiastic but they are politer. In the end of August, there are still many people having their holiday here.

The weather was incredible sunny this weekend, we basked ourselves on the sunny beach and on small hills.



If you are waiting for that kind of life “time seems static” in Dinard, you may be disappointed. On the contrary, I feel healthy vitality of the city while seeing people doing a variety of water sports. Middle-aged men sitting or standing on a surfboard and paddling. Young boys and girls barefoot lining up on platform and exercising diving in an artificial swimming pool. Dogs running and jumping into the sea, then shake the water on their masters. Nearby, grandpa playing water polo with their grandchildren. Far away, the white sailboats sailing on the calm blue sea, I don’t see who are on the boats, but I see the sails blowing by the wind, strength between the sails and wind make them moving.





IMG_7181_2A dog who loves the sea


Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 21.42.13

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 22.36.00Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 22.36.39









The food in Dinard is tasty and fresh. We had lunch at a restaurant called La Vallée. Even though the free snack before the meal and the caramel cookies served with the coffee after meal were homemade and very well cooked. I had a Breizh Cola, a cola brand from Brittany. I ensure you, it’s goooood! And the waiters are patient and smiling, which are very important for a pleasant meal.

IMG_7522Let me be tanned, and I’ll carry the memory of this day longer on me.
Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 21.02.42Anne said she and Antho almost come to the seaside once a month, because it takes only one hour by car from home. She said with a laugh,”I want to buy a house in the seaside, so we can come whenever we want and spend a weekend on the beach.”

Brittany people are normally very pride of their origin. Sure, living in such a advantaged natural region, what in life can be complained about? But according to me, they just know more how to appreciate life. Why do we prefer to go after so-called “somewhere gorgeous far away”? Why not just appreciate the place where we are, and treasure what we already have? We might be happier. I love Brittany is not because it’s the most developed, or because it’s the most famous. It’s only because people I love live here. By coincidence, there is also delicious food, high-quality life, picturesque landscapes, advanced facilities, and kind people.

Summer is almost over , but at least summer comes every year.

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