Jetblack Eye is a blog about personal style, fashion, photography and culture. Hope it’s interesting and useful to you.

My name is Xinxian Su. I’m Chinese. After graduating in Journalism in China in 2010, I studied Communication and Media in France. I completed my master in 2014.  Now I’m working and living in Paris. I worked at ELLE China, Marie Claire France. I created my personal blog JetBlack eye in march 2015 to express and share my personal opinions and observation about fashion. I always work for media and companies in China and in France as freelance to build a bridge between China and France.  

I observe the world and myself with my jet black eyes.

I consider myself as an observer. When I walk in the street, Paris is so different in blue and and in grey. When I travel around the world, the buildings, the rivers, the museums can tell me the story of this city. When I look myself in the mirror, I appear different everyday.

I consider myself as a pure dreamer. I like drawing some untouchable-like dreams. That’s why I’m living in a city where I dreamed, and I’m working there where I dreamed. But don’t believe that dreamer lives happily, because dreamer must be hard-worker and fearless.

People say, fashion is about attitude. For me, fashion is about 'mix & match', and 'mix & match' means freedom.

I love fashion since I was little. I love haute couture very much, but I also believe, fashion is an art for everyday. Fashion is about fun, about creativity, about self-expression.I don’t believe that we need to buy many new articles each season to be fashionable because you already have some in your wardrobe. I don’t believe that fashion costs a lot because there are so many vintage and second hand stores. People say, fashion is about attitude. For me, fashion is about mix and match, and mix and match is about freedom. I like to mix and match cheap and expensive, chic and grunge, vintage and modern, feminine and masculine. I feel free when I’m thinking of what to put on me according to different mood and occasions. It’s totally a creation. 

I love art, photography, anything which is creative. I love travel, I love animals, I love the earth. I hope everyone can treasure the clean air, clean water, and food you have.

I support fashion recycle.

I believe, you never know how far you can go, how shining you can be, so try!
To be a better man.