4 reasons to go back to Amsterdam

4 reasons to go back to Amsterdam

Bicycles, bicycles, and bicycles…

I witnessed this city on two wheels with my own eyes. As soon as I got off the train, I saw 2 huge bike rental points beside the canal, in front of the train station. There are more than 800,000 bycycles in Amsterdam, which means, there are more bikes than people! Cycling is a way of life in Amsterdam. I barely found place to walk because walking paths is much narrower than bike paths…




Almost every picture I took there were bikes inside.


DSC01588Opps, one bike behind me ;p


Amsterdam made me recall my days in high school. I missed my own bicycle, with which I went out and went back home everyday. I rode sometimes in Paris, and I think I’ve lost my bike sense…

Bridge, bridge, bridge…

So many bridges in Amsterdam. Of course, Amsterdam the city of canals, in a resultat, it’s the city of bridge. 2500 bridges in Amsterdam, the largest number of bridges in the world. Around 500 bridges in the city center, more than any other city in the world.





DSC01708The skinny bridge, where our boathouse was just nearby. The night view was awsome!

Narrow and irregular buildings

Nothing to do with the Haussmann architecture style in Paris, especally in city center, regular and alike. Amsterdam’s houses are famously narrow because residents used to be taxed on frontage, so they built long and narrow houses. The facade of their roof was a characteristic of the resident, and the residents were distinguished by the style of their facade. Normally it was designed by their profession. That’s why every building is different from one another. DSC01528




DSC01694At Royal Palace 

The One of the narrowest houses in the world is at Singel 7. only 1 metre wide… “No boyfriend, nor girlfriend!” Amsterdam people like making joke about their narrowest house.


And they have big windows, which I think very useful and sustainable.

High quality vintage shops

I loved vintage shops in Amsterdam. Although I only visited 2 vintage shops (Retro & Chic, and Rumors Vintage), I could figure out the whole level of the city from their sensibility and vintage taste ;D


Canvas handbag and brand new 1960s shoes bought at Retro and Chic.

DSC01571With the passionate store owner Kim Jaura



I really spent lovely 3 days in Amsterdam. Of course it’s NOT enough! Already want to go back to discover more bridges, bulidings,  and vintage shops ;P

What I was wearing: khaki coat and line denim skirt from Zara, white T-shirt from Gerard Darel, vintage leather shoes from Ital Moda, vintage canvas travel bag no label.

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